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Best podcast ever!

Dude, congrats on 300. For the first time I heard something that I never heard on any other podcast of yours, a pause, in fact a series of pauses. Not a pause that sounded staged, but rather points in your episode where you were truly deep in thought, thinking about the next words to say. You legitimately care about your art of podcasting and that shows through in your finished product.

300 was far better than any other. You were the one who showed me blogging and the decision for me to blog has led me to so many things, mainly a rekindled interest in my craft of calligraphy and digital arts, and for this I am truly thankful.

And to end it on Batchewanna Bay was just over the top, as this is one of my most fav tunes!

Congrats, I look forward to 500.



I'm finding there is a definitive difference in talking about a "thing" and just rambling because I've fully admitted to not being an expert. The more personal I get, the harder it is to put into words that get across the real intent of what I want to say.

While I hardly care if someone muddles up my feelings on a television show, movie or piece of technology, I'm WAY more concerned about clarity when talking about myself. It's hard to "take back" a podcast.

I also realize that the few times I've chosen to avoid using background music were when the subject matter was personal and the silences were often more important than the words.

Thanks, as always, for listening and supporting LHT. I'm glad that I was at least a small part of re-invigorating your creative process into digital sharing.

Anthony, I would like to leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoyed being inside your head for this episode but I doubt my words will come close to expressing the beaming smile on my face, the gooseflesh, the tears, the pure joy of witnessing your unbridled enthusiasm and appreciation for the weekend, your friends, your podcasting experience, your passions in life.

Mark and I have chatted tonnes about your fabulous PAB sessions, your wit, your creativity, your literary prowess, your warmth, your zest for life but I guess my best way of expressing it is to share a tidbit I shared with our daughters this morning. We were discussing Lucy's grade 6 teacher and Lucy's high opinion of her. I said, (this is the condensed version, of course) "Ya. It's cuz she's a geek. She's uncool enough to be excited about stuff." And that's my highest compliment. The people I admire the most in my life, a huge number of whom were at PAB, are excited about stuff and they put it out there. And it snowballs.

So thanks.


Thanks for the kind words. My experience in podcasting over the past few years has provided for so many levels of personal growth and gratification. The community that yourself and Mark have been part of fostering is a glowing example of so much that so many get to share. If PAB ever disappeared, I believe you'd have people making impromptu pilgrimages to Ottawa every year, just to get together.

I'm glad we are able to share even this one weekend annually to keep us invigorated and vital in the creative process for the other 51.

And also, I gave up cool long ago.

Thanks, Anthony.

re: "And also, I gave up cool long ago."
-- Lucky for all of us who reap the benefits of that decision.