DyscultureD @dyscultured - A weekly look at dysfunctional pop culture mostly based in Canada, but often spanning across the worldwide web. Co-hosted with Mike Vardy @mikevardy and Andrew Currie @acurrie

lovehatethings @lovehatethings - The namesake podcast that started it all. Personal rants, reflections, and recollections about all things generally annoying or cool.

TV, Eh? @tv_eh - A weekly podcast about Canadian television with Diane Wild @deekayw.

lovehatetunes - Occasional posts sharing my musical finds from across the web.

Best Episode Ever - A weekly podcast about retro television shows, mostly based in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, that I grew up watching. May all of your best surfing be channel surfing.

Talking is Dead - My latest podcast exploit with Mike Vardy @mikevardy, where we presage the death of conversation. @anthonymarco - My crappy placeholder site that serves little purpose whatsoever.

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