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I had to go back and listen to this a second time. The hang ups over the "unfair playing field" of podcasting just blows me away and, actually, steamed me up a bit. That's why traditional media is falling behind. They like their silo and they want to protect their silo when they really need to take a big look at the future and attempt to learn from what the audience is gravitating toward. I listened to Wiretap on the CBC exclusively through the podcast and I loved it. The problem is all they had was word of mouth. The CBC did very little to promote it and now it's gone, probably because all they looked at was cost vs. over the air ratings, ignoring the established and potential podcast audience. They need to be out there hiring folks like us that have a passion for podcasting and not complaining because we have access to the platform. Finally, the discussion of standards is moot. I have high standards for my podcast because my name is on it. I don't have a network or media company to hide behind and I don't have the financial backing to devote all of my time to it and to build it into something greater but my standard is just as high (and probably higher) than folks getting a regular paycheck who create content that is shaped by and catered to download numbers. Bravo to you. If I had been sitting there, I might have lost my crap (not like really physically losing it like Meatloaf) a few times!