- the fight for cheaper texting


After finally reaching the breaking point over cell providers overcharging ridiculous amounts for SMS text messaging, DyscultureD has decided to fight back. We propose to make the 15th of every month "text message" free. That means NO text messaging or SMS at all on this date. Most providers in the US pocket 20 cents EACH for the send AND receipt of a message that's 160 bytes or less. Many of these charges are to users who are already paying a rate for data (as if SMS wasn't data).

If you support the idea of raising awareness of this price-gouging activity, please visit the website or join the smsless Facebook page.

We look forward to a small group going text message and SMS free on December 15th, with a larger group every month after that.
If you like the idea, please forward the information to friends, relatives, and anyone who has been burned by an extra 20, 50, or 100 dollars on their monthly bill due to text message charges alone.