lovehate: iPhone 3G

Sure, it's WAY cool that I carry around a device the size of my old TI-55 (shouts out to the 80's geeks) that I can: watch a pirated downloaded movie on that's been in the theatres for 48 hours, listen to my favourite illegal Prince and Metallica downloads, have a satellite tell me where I'm standing by looking at a screen instead of tilting my head up to read a street sign, tell me it's a nice day outside through a blue and orange icon instead of stepping out my front door, watched the highest-Dugg YouTube Videos of people's anencephalitic pets and children two-stepping off of furniture, spend way too long on a virtual keyboard to type a note that it would take me three seconds to write on the back of a napkin, see that annoying twitter whale on a small screen instead of a big one, take a picture of my drunk neanderthal friends and post it to my Flickr account which contains 542 other pictures just like it, and, if I have time left after all this shit happens, check my diverse stock portfolio that I don't even have. It's WAY cool.

You think Steve Jobs might jailbreak me from an obsessive iPhone existence?


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