lovehate podcast 195: Minding My Ps and Qs

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A debriefing on my national radio lovehate on the Q podcast, my days in the life before and after, and how I didn't let vitriol get the best of me. My segment was probably the least interesting to the artsy folk listening in... well, I might have held my own on the baseline with Andrew Agassi who was on after.

If you'd like to hear me take up the NO torch on Students and Teachers and Facebook - oh my! - here's a link for you to enjoy: Q: The Podcast - 07 09 10.

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I think you held up pretty well and came out sounding far more reasonable.

I really wanted to slap some sense into Ian. Yes, I think that media literacy is critical but holy-creep-factor, Batman, there is way too much room for misconstruing the contact he's championing -- especially in his "limited profile" model (I can see you but you can't see me -- peeping tom, much?).

I walk a thin enough line being friends with my almost 18 year old niece -- I have to bite my tongue a LOT -- but I've also stepped in a few times to remind her that I am watching (you raised a very good point about underage alcohol consumption and the responsibility not just as a teacher but as an adult member of society)