lovehate podcast 212: The LHT Hits Lakehead

A long (no, I really mean it - LONG!) podcast which encompasses a talk that I gave on October 26th, 2010 at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. There were questions at the end which I did not gain permission to use others voices, so (instead of assuming) I just chose to edit the questions out and leave the answers. The questions were hard to hear anyway as they did not get up to microphones.

The first question [from a faculty member] concerned the threat to traditional and accepted written language when short-hand and catchy acronyms become part of the communication process.

The second question was a supplemental to the first around the the quality of in-depth thought and expression when communication gets reduced to short social interactions.

The third question was more about what Prezi was all about, but it served to launch me into a final statement on how I gave permission for the university to post the talk on their website and for anyone to remix or otherwise use the words to spread the message.

The link to the Prezi visuals I used during the talk can be found by clicking here.

2 responses
Listened to the whole thing; you are a very engaging speaker. While I work in Post Secondary Education several provinces away, and while I don't have a lot of contact with students directly, your points make a lot of sense. I notice you don't mention LinkedIn which is a different world again. Would love to know if you've had requests for connections with students on that network and/or if you have any thoughts on that.
Thanks for enduring Cheryl. :)

I mentioned LinkedIn at one point during the talk. I don't know if it made the final edit. I don't use LinkedIn a whole lot myself, but for most people I would imagine the fun aspects of FB don't translate too well to LI. It would seem the LI folks want to TRY to keep their social network as "professional" as possible as opposed to social. Never had a high school student want to connect on LI.