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Awesome song. Wasn't going to listen to it but your buildup of it in the podcast got me curious. I was actually choked up by it. Thanks for turning me on to it.
John - The first time I heard it, it was kinda like the end of Sixth Sense. Knocked me out!
Impressive. Took me a bit to understand Tom Waits voice but I got it just in time for the kicker. It him me like a ton of bricks and I just sat in silence for a couple minutes thinking about the entire song. Definitely a Sixth Sense-ish moment.
Thanks for bringing this song in your podcast. I didn't know this one from Tom Waits. Very good song! The first time I heard Tom Waits was years ago for the Dead Man Walking movie soundtrack.

You were talking about PAB. I finally saw the movie Almost Famous. And yes, I got shivers when I saw that scene in the bus. I think I will watch it again a second time this week. I had a good feeling watching this movie, like I did with Singles, Sideways, Lost in Translation,... Nancy Wilson did a good job on the soundtrack. Many things to say about the movie, but probably won't fit in the comment box. Thanks again for suggesting this movie.

I love Almost Famous! What a fantastic movie. Definitely top 5 movies of all time for me. High Fidelity is another "music" movie I enjoy on a regular basis.
I'm thinking I need a post about great music movies. Both Singles and High Fidelity will be on there. Hmmm got some thinking to do on that.

@Jeremy - Glad it hit you the same way it hits me.

@Roch - I love Tom Waits, and I really took a leap when I bought my first CD of his "Blue Valentines". It was so different from everything else I used to listen to. But I am a piano player, and he uses it so well. Almost Famous was another example of Cameron Crowe merging two worlds together eloquently.