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We are loosing something. Some albums were telling stories, just like chapters from a book. The Wall, Close to the Edge and many concept albums are good because of that. But also, many albums with no concept at all will give us a point in time, a feeling through the album.

I had many discussions with a lot of people about this subject. But most of them didn't care. They didn't care about the album, they just wanted the "hit" from the album. The MP3 is just like a JPG after it has been compressed from a RAW file, we loose quality. And again, most of the people I talked to didn't care that they loose most of the quality. They just wanted to hear the singer!

I still have A Passion Play of Jethro Tull in vinyl.

Why watch TV when we can fill the year with an entire Zappa collection !

I had too many friends who didn't care about the lyrics and just liked the beat. If that's the case, I've got some great classical and jazz for them to listen to.

I used to have all of the Yes album covers hung up on my wall as a teenager. I'm ready, willing and able to get rid of my DVDs, and I would even part with my CDs, but my vinyl will stay with me until I die; it represents too much.