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Feedback? Dude, it's YOUR podcast. Damaging to the BRAND? Yeah, you're right, someone's going to call you on that. If you are concerned about the Brand, you are not being authentic. Ramble on, sir.

(Also, Poleconomy? Had totally blocked that one out. Got that game one Christmas and it's like that episode of the Simpsons where Marge gets Bart the game "all the boys want this year" Lee Caravallo's Putting Challenge. Did you know there were different Poleconomy editions for Canada, UK and New Zealand? Huh. The more you know.)

I was regretful listening back to that podcast, and a big part of the tone was due to getting overtired. When I get wiped out I get all personally reflective and stuff. Kudos for calling me on my bullshit. I felt better after last night's rant.

I knew there was a UK version of Poleconomy. Didn't know about NZ. The best part about that game was that you could cut "political" deals completely outside of the black and white rules of game play and change the face of the game.