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While catching up on Dyscultured podcasts I heard that this was posted on Andrews blog. I was curious but didn't have the time to stop and read it through. When I got over here I was delighted to see that you had done it in podcast form. I at first, was really excited to hear about the ibooks2 release and the "new" model for textbooks. I always thought it would be fantastic for students to carry all their textbooks in tablet form. Admittedly, I always had the perspective of college/university students who are required to purchase their own books for each course. I didn't really think about a grade school scenario with classroom sets of material so thanks for that. It don't think it works very well in that application at all and I now see how the publishing companies plan to make their money. I do still think that it can be a step in the right direction... it just has to keep evolving. Great piece of writing.