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This episode almost could have been me instead of you... I also had no older siblings, and had to pretty much listen to whatever music my parents brought into the house. No clue how this album ended up there (though maybe it looked good next to the ABBA albums) but I used to plug my oversize headphones into the giant console stereo and settle in for some disco space flight and russian history.

As I tweeted, the opener instantly transported me back to that time; I could almost feel the red shag carpet underfoot.

The big difference is that while I tried to go a different direction (the first rock albums I asked for and received were The Who and Queen when I was in grade 6), I ultimately held on to my love of disco as it morphed into other forms of dance, synth pop and techno.

(My guilty secret? I still have this vinyl in my collection but hadn't thought about it for a long time.)

All I know is that when that connecting drum pattern echoes at the top and then meshes into Rasputin - I've surrendered. :-)