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Congrats dude - 5 years of almost anything is an achievement. Keep on truckin'
1) Congrats on five years. Recent convert to the show and your work from dyscultured. 2) I think you have a lot of insight on podcasting especially this episode.... I feel like I am at a cross roads with my podcast. Did mine in secret for 1+ years before even telling anyone about it... I love the format and like making them but I get really defensive about getting others to listen. I'm stuck about what to do next to make it better. At the end of the day I share the idea you mentioned... I will be doing it even if it never gets published, even without an audience, but I genuinely want to improve it... To me those ideas conflict with each other. You inspire me to keep going at the very least. I look forward to my five years lol
MMD... you don't have to ask people to listen, but I always let people know it's there. 99.9% of people will never listen to me. 99.9% of those who do will probably not listen regularly. Hard to justify those numbers as an "incentive". Make your podcast your process, press publish, and move on! I always liken it to "Krapp's Last Tape" should I ever become that much of a recluse. - Anth