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Listened to this episode on my way downtown to enjoy a cafe atmosphere while working... I very much agree with some tunes, Ooh Child, James Taylor (though I prefer the solos version by Carol King), Here Comes The Sun. You completely lost me at Bedouin Soundclash. I feel very much the same way about that song that you do about Walking on Sunshine. But interestingly, I came up with a song of my own once I got to the cafe. It comes with a story. An elderly gentleman was ahead of me in line and ordered his coffee. He was asked whether he wanted the dark roast, or the house coffee and he asked for a half and half mix. I was intrigued and told him I'd have to try that. We joked that he was starting a trend. When my turn came to order I asked for a coffee and when they barista asked which blend I said "Half and half, that's what the man said." http://youtu.be/YxslbXDBmaY
Candice - I was on the fence about Bedouin Soundclash, but was too happy to exclude it. There are a lot of McCartney songs that make me happy. I love that you'll probably remember that story the rest of your life when you hear that song. :-) Band on the Run is one of favourite songs of all-time... I always grin stupidly. - anth
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