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hey anthony its your pal jamie i really can relate with your story. i had a situation where i was walking home one night from the mall and i made it to 13th street. thats a big busy street i probably at the time was in my early 20s.anyway my house wasj ust acroos the street. and i bolted for some reason across the street thyere wasnt really any cars coming. im guessing it was just normal to do that. but like i said i really did not have to bolt on that night but i did . and what happened next shocked me i lost my balance and did not know there was any ice on the street and went flying up in the air we are taking major air 5 feet off the ground at least and when i crashed down. i saw something coming downthe street gues what it was. it was a big snow plow i about shit my pants i dont remeber how i got from being on the steet to making to saftey it just happened so fast. it was like shocking i dont like talkng i about it very much but with u i feel like i could tell u anything . and i was not worried about dying because i did not feel like it was a life or death sentence just the shock of it got to me. but some how i feel better listening to your story and caring thanks . night for now love you anthony your pal jamie.
Thanks for sharing Jamie... I get the feeling many people have at least story in their life like this. I wonder how many of them get blocked out of existence. Have a good night. - anth