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About the presence of PR reps on hand at PodCamp Toronto: the exception may only serve to prove the rule, but it should be said that that elusive hybrid creature .. the PR rep who is _also_ an indy podcast producer ... does exist. InsidePR may be about PR, but it is a podcast nonetheless. My own podcast, Montreal Bites, is as amateur as it gets. It was launched for fun, yes, but also so that I have a hands-on understanding of what goes into podcast production. I record with a friend who knows nothing about podcasting, and I edit and publish it all myself. I'd encourage any PR rep interested in social media to get their hands dirty in this way. It is a time investment that is well worthwhile. There's nothing like walking a mile in someone's shoes to build rapport and develop relationships. Plus, it's tons o' fun. Thanks for the feedback Anthony.
I totally agree that anyone in PR worth their salt needs to get a grip on new media. In fact, when I hear from friends in PR who don't even know the jargon much less how to use new media technologies, it makes me wince. I suppose there's just part of me that shudders at the thought of the anarchic world of new media being assimilated by corporate models. As much as I see the individuals involved in PR trying to reach out to the learn the archetypes of new media, there's going to be a clawback at some point to reign the anarchy in to measurables and deliverables.

That said, I was more shocked than disappointed simply because I naively didn't think the convergence of the twain had come so far.

I will check out your podcast especially because your resisted the temptation to use "Bytes" in the title :)