thinglets: The DyscultureD 100 Propaganda Poster

I'm proud to say that one of the other podcasts I've done almost as long as lovehatethings is about to hit its 100th weekly episode.

DyscultureD was started as a way for Mike Vardy and myself to express our ramblings from the poetic to the idiotic about the dysfunctional nature of pop culture from a Canadian and world perspective. We've since added Andrew Currie along the way, and through 100 episodes have thrown various guests, interviews and indie music into the mix.

Every week we spend about an hour relentlessly critiquing all things web, tech, gadget, media, film, television, celebrity, and politics from a uniquely Canadian perspective. We liberally drop F-bombs. We complain bitterly. And we have a great community of live listeners who join us in the chat every week.

I would invite you, next Wednesday evening to join us by listening to the live stream and joining the chat at 9:30pm EST for the pre-show and for the full bonanza at 10pm.

You can listen to back episodes at or subscribing on iTunes or a like podcast aggregator.

I'm really proud of the work we've done with the podcast over the past two years, because whenever someone asks me where they can go to get a weekly dose culture from a Canadian perspective, I answer "Don't get dyscouraged. Get DyscultureD."

Podcast 100 - Anniversary 1, Episode 100, The Centennial Screed

Thanks to everyone who's listened to podcast over the past year. On the first anniversary of Episode One of the lovehatethings podcast, I present Episode One Hundred, including discourses on the stagnancy of the Blu-Ray format, the reverse evolution of the remote control, and a summer list to get you a speeding ticket: The Top Ten Classic Arena Rock Summer Fast Driving Songs of All-Time.