thinglets: Tom Waits - Animated 1979

I can't believe I'd never seen this before. If you're a fan of rotoscope animation (the style that was used most recently in Waking Life, but right back to the 1930s) you'll really dig this clip. Rotoscoping mimics live movement without making someone wear a blue suit with little white balls stuck all over it for a computer to read. And hell, it's Tom Waits, so it's infinitely cooler than anything out now even thirty years later.

thinglets: the cat came back

Many Canadians are all too familiar with this classic cartoon from the National Film Board, but for the benefit of the unitiated, I submit for your perusal, The Cat Came Back. If you just can't quite appreciate the storyline, you'll probably find the music quite infectious. It's sometimes years between seeing this short for me and I usually smile a nostalgic smile every time. Hope you enjoy it.

thinglets: when no other cartoons were on...

Remember the cartoons you used to watch just because they were the only ones on. Sometimes running over a lunch hour as you were scarfing down a bowl of Hamburger Helper or at 6:30am before any real programming came on, these cheap ass cartoons were the saving grace of 70's kids who couldn't stand watching test patterns... where I grew up anyway.
The Mighty Hercules... "Iron in his thighs."

Rocket Robin Hood... "Band of Brothers marching together."

Kum Kum... this made for some bad acid trip lunches.

Hammy Hamster... wow! I just wanna chill to late night Hammy, Maddy and GP.