thinglets: Urban Projection Mapping

After watching this video of light transforming the facade of this building, I am reminded of a few things, while rethinking a few others:

1) How cool Las Vegas looks when landing at night.
2) The potential for bringing artistic vision to the concrete jungle.
3) The term "urban makeover".
4) That, like any projection system, a stark white wall would work best.
5) That companies will start to build stark white walls.
6) That instead of video screens on top of buildings dominating a cityscape ala Philip K. Dick's dreams, the buildings themselves will be screens.
7) That "This wall brought to you by Coca-Cola" or "Honda" is not too far in our future.
8) That this is Honda technology.
9) That no matter how cynical numbers 5-8 sound, this is really cool.