thinglets: who to blame

Now that Google is being blamed for aiding terrorism with their Google Earth program, let's take a lawyer's look at who else we could extend our litigious leanings to in our case of Aiding and Abetting Terrorism:

The Non-Terrorist People of the World


Google and...

Every company who makes digital mapping applications
Every computer manufacturer
Every monitor manufacturer
Every internet service provider
Every publisher who prints atlases or maps
Every camera manufacturer
Every company responsible for Research, Development and Production of satellites
The paper manufacturers
The memory card manufacturers
The electric companies
Any other manufacturer that contributes to any of the products mentioned above
The governments of the world
The people of the world
The earth itself for being so photogenic

google earth

thinglets: Shazbot! Cheryl Mork Sentenced for 3rd through 8th DWI

I don't know if she drank so that she could help see Orson, but apparently Cheryl Mork of Saratoga, Wisconsin just couldn't stay sober (and out of her car) long enough to get convicted for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th offence of drunk driving. Instead, they had to package them all together in a tidy bundle that resulted in 3 years in prison, 180 days in jail, and 5 years extended supervision.

During her sentencing Mork apologize by sitting face first in a chair and saying, “I’d just like to apologize to my fellow human beings for putting their lives in danger.” Although she didn't add, "especially that 7th and 8th time 'cause I was really shitfaced! Na-Nu! Na-Nu!"

She was sentenced by Wood County Circuit Court Judge Zappen Jr., whose actions really hold little interest to me other than the fact that it has become my new favorite tongue twister... try it 5 times fast!