lovehate grungecast number one for a musicmonday

As I moved from a prog rock guy throughout the 80s, and looked for some other type music to get into in the 90s, I found grunge. Maybe not the most diverse choice of bands, but, quite simply, music that had passion, force, and kicked ass.

With summer on its way, I thought, if nothing else, some of these podcasts will form my driving music with the windows down as I'm speeding along the backroads of Ontario. If there's a summer mix driving podcast you'd like to hear, let me know.

While almost everything else on lovehatethings is Creative Commons, this is not, and if the RIAA or any of the artists order me to take this down, I'll gladly comply. But until then, if you dig it, maybe you'll go and buy it, which will make everyone happy in the end.