lovehate phishcast for a musicmonday

Well, after a couple of months of MusicMonday podcasts, I've decided to enjoy myself. Tomorrow night, I'm going to see my favourite band, Phish, just south of Rochester, NY.

Lovehatethings is often about so many things that I rant and rave at. Today I want to share three songs with you that make me smile. I can say that many songs make me want to join in and sing, some want to make me play air guitar or drums. These three songs simply cause me to break out in an uncontrollable grin.

Apologies all around if you have a hard time getting your head around a three song, 45 minute set of tunes, but maybe something will click and you'll want to hear more.

If only by titles alone, how could you resist Harry Hood, Fluffhead, and Divided Sky?

I hope you dig it even a fraction as much as I do.