thinglets: Why My Nostalgia Loves YouTube

In a recent podcast I produce called Best Episode Ever, I fondly recollected one of my favorite Saturday morning television shows while growing up. The Krofft Supershow was the brainchild of Sid and Marty Krofft (also responsible for HR Pufnstuf) and had a groovy band introducing live action shorts for two seasons on ABC.

Until recently I was only luck enough to find some random clips from the show on the web. I hit the motherlode, however, when "dalekenbuck" uploaded an entire episode to YouTube. If you're in a vegative state, and feel like nostalgia is the right medicine, give the entire 40 or so minutes a shot, but, at least, do yourself a favor and listen to the coolest theme song ever by Kaptain Kool and the Kongs... ENJOY!

thinglets: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl meet Leonardo Da Vinci

A wicked retro trip back to Saturday morning in the 70s. The Krofft Supershow had a host of cheesy parts that made up the epic entertainment experience, but perhaps the cheesiest was Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. And as the post title indicates, in this clip they follow the Sorcerer who's bent on traveling through time to steal the Mona Lisa from Leonardo Da Vinci.

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