Podcast 115 - An Idiotic Ramble in Search of Inspiration

A long-winded impromptu ramble on topics including:

  • the impending holiday season, 
  • the music associated with the holiday season, 
  • being thankful for not having to awake for weekend work, 
  • the front yard attached to the holiday season, 
  • the good faith of neighbours, 
  • the proliferation of driveway garbage bin rentals, 
  • on the habit of collecting and purging, downloading via Bit Torrent, 
  • the ridiculous legal remedies being suggested by music publishers, 
  • the impact of big business and lobbyists on government and citizens, 
  • the obfuscation tool that is H1N1, 
  • the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario, 
  • the waste of taxpayer money on H1N1, 
  • the reflection on the process of this podcast.