thinglets: A 100 Word Love Story Brought to You By The Letter "A"

Alan Aaronson almost asked an awkward accusation. Although an avowed atheist, Alan admits an assured, albeit, arrested attraction after Alice Alameda. 

Alice, an Air America airplane attendant, asks: "Any additional articles?" admitting at Atlanta. 

Alan, awestruck: "Aaaaah. Again?"

"Any additional articles?" asks Alice again, adding annoyed aires.

"Affirmative," Alan answers. "an alabaster antelope, an azure alligator, and an apple."

"Apple?" aped Alice admonishingly.

"After an amaretto," Alan admitted, "apples are amazing!"

Alice approved Alan's appreciation and amorously articulated: "Any additional... Amaretto?"

Alan acted anxious, allowing an agitated, "aaaaah?"

Alice, assertive, acted.

All about an airplane affair, Alan accepted assault angelic.