thinglets: one of the best TV montages ever

Anyone who watched Chris Carter's Millennium when it was around, you may remember this scene from the final epsiode of season 2. This was on Primetime TV. The character of Lara Means (Kristen Cloke) has been infected with a plague and "over medicates" in trying to cope with her impending doom.

I remember this impacting me to a huge degree when it came out largely due to its unflinching resolve to allow Patti Smith's "Horses" play out to its full length. The scene went from commercial to commercial. It was surreal and daring which network TV rarely is. Undoubtedly scenes like this contributed greatly to the show's demise as I doubt the ability of the average viewer to cope with something as intense.

If you happen to like Patti Smith, it should be extra special if you've never seen it before.