thinglets: What I Didn't Miss As Much As I Thought I Would At PAB2010


I love Phish. I'm a total phanboy. I know some of you may love your tech devices and all your gadgets, but having been to over 25 Phish shows in my life, I'm hooked.

Last year I missed Podcasters Across Borders 2009 to attend four Phish shows during their reunion tour, and I wasn't disappointed.

This year I missed three shows I would have gone to, and instead attended PAB2010, and I wasn't disappointed.

I just thought that after sharing so much on lovehatethings from a community of creators I grew to be a part of this past weekend at PAB2010, I'd share some content from my favourite musical creators.

Above is a great version of the song Tweezer from the experimental minds of the band, while below is their show closer of Tweezer Reprise. Both are fantastic recordings from the crowd and look and sound amazing. Thanks to HarpuaFSB for sharing on YouTube.