thinglets: An Ohbijou New Year

For years I always accepted New Year's Day by U2 as the generic New Year's anthem for any of us who were teens in the 80s. In the 90s, I tried to replace U2 with Alive by Pearl Jam because, while it had nothing to do with New Year's, it satisfied my "angsty" needs more than U2. Now that a couple of decades have passed, and I'm far less "angsty" I've decided that while I may have the urge to listen to U2 and Pearl Jam at some point in the night, Ohbijou may have become a more accurate soundtrack to NYE festivities.

First, they're Canadian. Second, I just love the layers. Third, it's just such a damn cool video that I will want to watch it after a few beverages on the celebratory night in question. Don't worry U2 and Pearl Jam fans, I have not forsaken you, merely engaged in an evolutionary fork down Chill Avenue.