thinglets: The Bic Pen Orange Peel Gun

I'll never forget the months in elementary school where grade seven students became aware of physics became aware of the power of compressed air. I have no idea who passed down the sacred knowledge of the Bic Pen Orange Peel Gun, but it surely was the bane of many a teacher's existence at my school. It was MacGyver before the show existed. They actually banned oranges for a short period of time from lunches because they were finding mini orange peel bullets everywhere - plus, it was easier to ban orange peel than pens. You would be shocked at how much fun these could be in a school that was designed "open-concept". One could launch peel from the Grade One area to the Grade Six area with a proper arc and sufficient thrust... sorry... that sounded dirty. I hope my indiscretion didn't cause this post to lose its "ap-peel".

The Weapon:

One Bic Pen (see below) - although not essential, it was often preferable to have the pen with the small hole half way up the casing to help ease the pneumatic effect when loading. It could be easily covered to ensure full pressure upon firing.

The Ammo:

One Orange Peel (see below) - the thicker the peel, the better. Remember, the ammo has to hold the air in the cylinder when plunged.


Luckily enough, someone else beat me to it. So YouTube, bring it on home.