thinglets: Postcards of Hometown Past

Several years ago I found these postcards among my parents' stuff in the house I grew up in. The postcards easily pre-date my parents, so they were probably passed down through my grandmother. I know that if you've never visited my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario you probably won't much care. I will, however, point out a couple of interesting things about the pics:

1) The Armory stills stands and is home of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Heritage Museum.
2) The TH&B Depot was a stop for the defunct Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo Railway.
3) Looking at the shot of King Street East, I wouldn't notice the lack of wires but for the existence of the one or two that are there.
4) The public schools of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board now stand at 114 (96 Elementary, 18 Secondary).
5) Market Day in Hamilton is subtitled "Garden of Canada". I think that name was forgotten when the mills took over the skyline.