thinglets: Ministry of Vodka

Forget about a Food and Drug Administration or Health and Welfare, Russia's got a serious idea in creating a state Alcohol Agency being dubbed the Ministry of Vodka by citizens. While some people may consider this silly or just plain depressing, I, for one, salute the AA for its work in promoting Russian alcohol domestically and around the world.

"The head of the new state alcohol agency -- gleefully dubbed the Ministry for Vodka by the press -- is advocating cutting taxes on vodka to make the country's national tipple more accessible, the Izvestia daily reported."

Perhaps overshadowed by state groups responsible for the military or borscht, this move shows that the Russian government is willing to commit all necessary resources to a vital industry. I wish that Canada would create ministries devoted to donuts, hockey and beer. I wish the US would create departments devoted to mom's apple pie, baseball and advertising. You can never legislate too much of a good thing.

"Igor Chuiyan, the former head of state alcohol monopoly Rosspirtprom, has been appointed head of the new federal agency for alcohol market regulation, or Rosalkogol for short."

I wish Parker Brothers sold Alcohol Monopoly in North America. I could buy a $2 bottle of ripple on Baltic Avenue and $400 bottle of scotch on Broadway.

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