thinglets: Crazy Sci-Fi Awesomeness

While I realize the style of this video may be seizure-inducing for some people, S.I.T.E compresses some of humanity's worst alien, dystopian fears into five minutes or less. Creepy, cool, and captivating: give this video a chance beyond the first couple of minutes and allow things to come together. I'm half convinced I'll be subliminally craving Hot Pockets sometime this evening.

thinglets: Filming of a Ghost

A fantastic two minutes of film called Ghost by Marco Brambilla that is supposed to represent "än investigation into the obsessive behavior of the public eye and it's lingering effects on those chased and caught by it."

I'll leave to you as to whether it succeeds on that score, but I will say that the result is gripping, stylish, and tragic in 120 seconds. Another great find at Vimeo - much more pleasurable to wade through than YouTube.