thinglets: Audio Harvesting in a Soundgarden

After going through much of my teenage years and early 20s delving back decades in progressive rock that was recording before my time, and shunning much of 80's New Wave because of my disdain of sequences and samples, when grunge evolved, I started listening to the radio again.

While I love Pearl Jam, and they certainly were spawned from this movement, they always really just seemed to be a rock band dressed in plaid.

For me, the crest of the Grunge wave always was and will ever be Soundgarden. Now they've released a new/old song called Black Rain from the dusted off tapes of my favourite CD, Badmotorfinger and I couldn't be happier.

Hopefully this will bring back some good feelings about when the charts weren't ruled by Radio Gaga or feelings that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Power, passion, energy, packed into a wall of sound... garden that is.