thinglets: Losing Net Neutrality - Bitter Tiers

(This is not my graphic. If someone can tell me the source, I will certainly link to give creator credit.)

[EDIT: Thanks to @640k for providing me the link to the article the above graphic came from. As it's from Gizmodo, I would've found it in my feed later tonight, but I'm glad to update now anyway: - looks like the original source is here:]

Just a great example to explain to people what losing the Net Neutrality fight is all about. In the same way you WISH you could get every channel in a cable television package, but have to pay extra, the picture above shows what the net WILL resemble when ISPs start to package tiers of services ON TOP of your existing broadband speeds.

If there was ever a reason to rally people behind Net Neutrality, the ominous threats of inequity, cost-for-access, and price gouging are just some we need to worry about. I fear the Information Age is going to become laden with explicit Information Tolls.

Ask not for whom the web tolls - it will toll worldwide.