thinglets: Witnesses Testify in Albino Trial

For some reason, back in the early days of lovehatethings I happened upon a story about disgusting trade in albino body parts in Tanzania that was being supplied by the hunting and slaughter of albinos from Tanzania and Burundi. Apparently witch doctors used the parts to "treat" patients.

Well, outrage got to the point, AFTER YEARS, that a trial has finally been attempted. I give you some quotes from the BBC article linked below the pic:

"...last November a six-year-old albino girl in Burundi was found dead with her head and limbs removed."

"The case began last week, but had to be adjourned after witnesses failed to show up."

"The rest of the defendants are accused of attempting to kill an albino child. The accused deny the charges."

"Witchdoctors in the region are known to tell clients that potions made with albino body parts will bring them luck in love, life and business."

"Hundreds of people including witchdoctors and business people have been arrested but the justice system in Tanzania is notoriously slow and corrupt and so far nobody has been convicted."