DyscultureD Podcast 39: Don't Be Dissin' Twitty

DyscultureD Podcast 39: Don't Be Dissin' Twitty

Show Notes

Remember that July 15th is Text Nothing Day

Full Dysclosure

  • Google seeks to be a gamechanger with Chrome OS
  • Rogers subsidizes netbooks for expensive data plans
  • Who should be the long arm of the net law in Canada?
  • Indie filmmakers support Bit Torrent technology and Net Neutrality
  • United Breaks Guitars… and then they break our hearts
  • Fiddy Cent works cheap PR with teen Youtube critic


  • Bruno models Number One behaviour
  • Michael Moore’s latest film a "love story"
  • Ryan Reynolds get greenlit as Green Lantern

Websites of the Week

  • Twitterfall - have a waterfall of aggregated tweets flow down your browser
  • Nerdfitness - an oxymoron by name and a good idea for us all by nature


  • Endangered Ape - Tales of Survivalist Horror Pt. 2