thinglets: 10 Canadian Indie Artists You Should Try Out

Okay... so now that you've all heard of Fiest...

Danny Michel  - Ottawa, ON ... just great songs.

Martin Tielli - Toronto, ON ... check out the seminal Rheostatics as well.

Shad - London, ON ... did you like the Fresh Prince?

Cadence Weapon - Edmonton, ON ... crazy, freaky, e-hop.

Caribou - Dundas, ON ... just plain cool.

Jason Collett - Toronto, ON ... pop without the soda.

Laura Barrett - Toronto, ON ... Robot Ponies with only Kalimba and Vox.

Rob Szabo - Toronto, ON ... a songwriter that makes you smile.

Destroyer - Vancouver, BC ... kind of reminds me of Syd Barrett

Joel Plaskett - Halifax, NS ... I know he's backed by the Emergency... but just Joel's fine too.