thinglets: 10 Obscure Prog Rock LPs Crated Downstairs

Felt nostalgic yet again and flipped through a crate of old vinyl in the basement. I was such a HUGE prog rock fan in high school and university that I would buy almost anything tied to prog family trees. Considering some of the branches that one could reach to through Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, and Emerson Lake and Palmer, it really wasn't too difficult to get sucked in. Here are some of the more "obscure" prog albums I own, although depending on where your from, they may have been your "local" prog band. I almost ALWAYS bought used. Enjoy!

Mainhorse - Mainhorse

Tai Phong - Tai Phong

Pallas - The Sentinel

Grobschnitt - Jumbo

Lucifer's Friend - Banquet

Triumvirat - Illusions on a Double Dimple

Omega - Live at the Kisstadion

Camel - I Can See Your House From Here

Nektar - Recycled

Van Der Graaf Generator - H to He Who Am The Only One