thinglets: get a director's credit for the lovehate podcast 200

Later this week I'll be recording the 200th episode of the lovehate podcast and I want your help.

I want you to tell me what I should talk about.

I'm opening up the floor to all topics, including pop culture, politics, media, technology, or whatever else you can think of.

There is a catch however. You only get one topic, so make it good.

I have no illusions that this is going to generate an ungodly ream of suggestions, but rest assured, whether it's 2, 20, or 200, I will talk about all of them in this podcast. It could be a VERY long affair.

So put your thinking caps on and decide what you would like to hear a lovehate spin on.

Love it or hate it.

6 responses
My topic: Hate. We use this term quite casually, usually meaning dislike or something that bugs us. I'd like to know what you think is deserving of real hate in the strongest sense of the word. Fuck love - that's too easy
Oooh, that's a good one ("hate") from Scarborough Dude. Here's mine: you say that 99.9% of the people you know in real life will never listen to your podcasts and you frequently mention that you are thankful for the people you've never met as listeners. So what happens when you do meet online friends in person (feel free to rant about the terms "IRL" and "meatspace") -- do you bond or is there an awkwardness? Or do you just try to keep it all separate and not, as in Ghostbusters, cross the streams?
From Chantal on Facebook... Public education. (Err, maybe not ;o)) Backyard birds and puffins.
I think you should talk about schools scrambling cell phone signals.

I don't know if they do it in Ontario, but here it's technically illegal. A week before school started I went to the school to see if I could get my schedule early (I was going to be away). There was 5 bars of signal outside the front entrance.

Now, when I turn on my phone in the EXACT SAME SPOT - no signal. NONE. 0 bars, "Searching..."

I'm thinking of reporting it to the local police, because it IS illegal, and principals in BC have been forced to resign for using scrambling mechanisms before.

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