thinglets: People In The Box

I have no idea what this song is about, but I found it pretty infectious nonetheless. That coupled with a very cool music video that almost gave me a seizure and I was hooked.

Be the cool hipster of your office at work today by listening to music no one in North America has probably heard. Check their website for bonus marks - heavy and poppy... do yourself a favour and check it on Vimeo in HD fullscreen for the best viewing experience.

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To be honest, it looks a lot like Microsoft Train Simulator (I played it religiously when I was younger)...

For all we know, they could be singing about murdering his wife and children and remarrying a hooker. That's why I like to listen to music in my own language... :P

Oh, and I would consider this "heavy" foreign music:

But I have to agree that it is very catchy...

- Alex

Speed metal will always be heavy... but seldom catchy! Hail Slayer!
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