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Hi Anthony,

I'm not even sure what you're referring to...a blackout of some kind? Wait, there was something like that in 2003...I was on a plane flying back to Canada from Europe. I was in Paris for two weeks while it was so hot. (And it was hot in a way I'll never be able to describe). My now husband and I were staying in my former prof's daughter's apartment five blocks from the Eiffel Tower. We filled her tub with ice cold water and dunked every hour on the hour. Sara (prof's daughter) bought what she called the 'last stand-up rotating fan in Paris.' It was a display one and had no cover. It whirred back and forth, and you wanted to get your face right into it but had to be careful of those whirring plastic blades. I remember getting drunk on Parisian beer and reading Alice in Wonderland for the first time in my life.

I read Alice in Wonderland in Paris in 42 celcius (120ish Ferinheit for U.S.A)....at midnight submerged in ice water.

I loved it and I hated it.

Your image of playing a piano during a blackout while a candle burned in a Jack Daniels bottle will stay with me forever I think.

That's pure poetry, man.

Thank you.

Wow, was it that long ago??? I was driving home after pulling up patio stones in Caledonia. It was SOO dark (it was a blackout)! When I got home, I did crack open some beers!
I seem to also remember wondering what the neighbours must've thought as I played half of the Tom Waits catalogue.
After returning from Cactus Fest, I sat on my back deck and marvelled at the fact that there really are as many stars in Dundas as there are up north; we are just not blessed with the opportunity to see them. Despite the inconvenience the next day of rationing gas and refrigerator coldness--we reserved the freezer for the beer--it was one of the most "chill" experiences I have ever had.
I think the only other time there have been that many stars in Dundas is when they shot an episode of Cold Case Files there.
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