thinglets: Xenophon's Yellow Zebu

...and bosco,
conclusions done effortlessly,
forgave gerry haverbrook.
If john killed laura meyer next...
opens possibilities, questions, rhetoric...
satisfies the undertaker.
Variable with X, you zig-zagged.

Abstract banter caused dubious evaluations;
For good hindsight is joined keenly level.
Moreover new opinions permit quagmires,
releasing secret truths under vain, wretched,
x-rayed yammering zeal.

Albeit bromides cease doctoring equal force.
Generally height in kilometers lets medicine
Neutralize overt pain.
"Quacks regard said trauma 'under very wary xenophobia'",
yelled Zeus.

Actually, Brent created depreciated equality
from gently hammering ideology: jester knocking.
"Love me", Natasha offered profusely, quietly regretting
stating the ultimate vex.
Whenceupon Xerox yielded zilch.

Altered bent crumpled:
Dented Edsel fenders greased headstones.
I'll jump, kick, laugh, moreover
never offer punchlines, quizzical rationale.
So this ungodly virtue wakes Xenophon's yellow zebu.

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