lovehate: My Summer Bucket List

Below is my summer "bucket list" - i.e. things to do before summer kicks the bucket.

  • Think of a better name for this list than "bucket list"
  • Get back to Las Vegas and find a way to break the bank and come home with enough money to fund a winter trip to Vegas.
  • Spend ample time deciding whether I should get an iPhone.
  • Reassure myself that my decision to not buy a BluRay DVD player is completely justified because the cost is still too high for its own good, and even though I own a couple hundred DVDs, I never watch them.
  • Try to regain the same blogging output that I had last summer when lovehatethings first started. (Two weeks until the first anniversary!)
  • Try to encourage more of friends that Twitter is about way too much more than lifestreaming for them to use that as an excuse to stay away.
  • Catch up on the latest seasons of Weeds, Burn Notice, Ashes to Ashes, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and True Blood.
  • Go to see some late night movies... I wish they started at midnight - 10:30 is too early for this night owl.
  • Get on the ball and reserve a night for my 3rd annual Backyard Film Festival.
  • Book a gig so that my gracious friends who keep asking me to play are kept happy for another six months.
  • Find a cheap source of watermelons. Those things are like crack in the summer; gotta have my fix.
  • Play some poker with friends and at the closest casino.
  • Try at least five local restaurants I've never checked out.
  • Do at least one day of buying rush tickets for Stratford and checking out a couple of plays.
  • Find things that really piss me off... it helps the podcast rants so much.
  • Start to write the Great American novel and then give up in a violent fit having drowned myself in a sea of bourbon.
  • Start to read Finnegan's Wake... and then give up in a violent fit having drowned myself in a sea of bourbon.
  • Do annual summer viewings of Dazed and Confused, Almost Famous, Big Fish, a Kevin Smith marathon, and, if the moment moves me, a John Hughes marathon.
  • And last, but not least, read the books that have been gathering dust on the shelves for far too long.
3 responses
Once again, you are a source of inspiration. I'm off to nail down my own bucket list (or whatever you end up calling it).
mmm yes, i'm too lazy to make said list for my own summer needs, so can I just print this and put on my fridge for later reference?
Laura - This is last year's list, but you may certainly remix and reuse as you wish... fortunately or unfortunately, many of these will have to get recycled into this year's list for me as well.