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You' re right that the audio archives you've created will be another tangible way for people to remember you; quite a valuable gift, really.
I'm named after both of my grandfathers. They did the year before I was born. My grandmothers both died in the summer of 82; my dad's mom on father's day.

I remember quite distinctly knowing both of my grandmothers were gone when the first was thrown on their coffins. I was 12. However, they weren't dead to me until I could no longer hear their voices in my head.

First = dirt (fucking iPhone!)
Cheryl - as much as I don't like the fact Posterous doesn't allow export of entire sites, I do have the original mp3s of every podcast resident on the hard drive - just in case.

Mark - Dirt seems to be a seminal symbol in acceptance. And by the process you've described about hearing their voices, it seems that we're re-affirming the idea that archiving leads to a certain immortality. After all, what are we ultimately but the stories of others, whether living or dead.