thinglets: Is it better...?

Is it better to do more with less than less with more?

Is it better to eat less of a good thing than more of a bad thing?

Is it better to watch 3 hours of okay television or 15 minutes of great television?

Is it better to write a film sequel that makes hundreds of millions of dollars than an indie film that breaks even?

Is it better to have three fast food coffees over the course of a day or one cup of your favorite Starbucks blend?

Is it better to have an affordable vehicle that you can use all the time or a sports car that you're afraid to drive in bad weather?

Is it better to believe in your god, your country, your family or yourself?

Is it better to have copyright laws that cover intellectual property for eternity or none at all?

Is it better, on a deserted island, to have the entire Nickelback discography or one song you love?

Is it better to have one slice of great pizza, three slices of good pizza, or five slices of crappy pizza?

Is it better to pack thousands of inferior sounding music on your portable player than less songs is higher quality?

Is it better to read a brilliant two line poem or a pretty good novel?

Is it better to DVR, download, wait to buy the DVD, or give up if you've missed your favorite TV show?

Is it better for your hot dog with the works to be without ketchup, mustard, or relish?

Is it better to drink warm good beer than cold bad beer?

Is it better to have a glass of good wine or a bottle of bad wine?

Is it better to be a late adopter of technology at the risk of being uncool or an early adopter of technology at the risk of being broke?

Is it better to have the chocolate 1/3 of the Neapolitan ice cream or the Strawberry and Vanilla 2/3?

Is it better to have 4 second floor toast (butter down) than no toast at all?

Is it better to type five pages or write one?

Is it better to know every lyric to 70's music or 80's music?

Is it better to remember the past with reverence or caution?

Is it better to wish success for your friends or wish success for yourself?

Is it better to know what's better in advance, or discover what's better along the way?

Is it better to not even consider better and go forward full bore, or consider what's better before choosing?

Impromptu Podcast 39: Without Me, My Domain is Nothing. Without My Domain, I am Nothing.

Ever been declared dead and had to prove yourself still alive? That's kinda what I felt like this past week after having my domain redirect go wonky and then having some well-meaning, but ineffective, people try to fix it, followed by my ultimate decision to transfer... six days of HELL.
And on the seventh day, I realized my domain was more than my address, it was my home. Funny I discovered the problem while staying out of town at a hotel. That's what my online life has felt like all week.
Included in this Impromptu Podcast is a short pre-recorded piece based on the Marine Creed called My Rifle. I have adapted it to suit my feelings toward my domain.