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It was somewhat interesting because you were talking music, and I know music (Scarborough Dude said so).
I agree with you about Ian Anderson. Thick As A Brick, omg don't get me started. But I don't think the lyrics would work nearly as well without the music. And yeah, I don't get Coldplay either, or Gaga or a plethora of hiphop chicks and chicos. But then I'm a bitter old fart.

In fact I find I agree with a lot of what you said, but I think I'm a littlet more forgiving of other peoples personal tastes. I've come to understand that we need the crap in the streets to accent the beauty of the heavens.
However, you slagged the Hip man...and you must pay for that.(I'll think of something) lol

And what the hell is that music in the background crap? Is that like subliminal stuff? Should I worry about my behaviour in public?

Thanks for posting.
Richard Bunky Bell