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There's a process for counter-notice and put-back that is generally accepted around DMCA violation -- admittedly, its US law and I'm no lawyer as well. Not legal advice. =)


But this user (and myself also) reside outside the jurisdiction of US law. And presumably, content posted here is available globally?

I think Posterous might be better served by a user-administered Creative Commons license, if that's even necessary...

And the nutjob referenced in this podcast should understand that anything posted on the Internet can be copied and archived with or without their permission -- if you're that hysterical about privacy, turn off the computer and wrap some tin foil around your head!

@garrytan I took a look at the remedy and decided to hold off until hearing from the government Ministry responsible on Monday - should be telling!
@acurrie unfortunately the ridiculous nature of "notice-takedown" is embedded in the DMCA and one of the things we need to avoid here. I agree that Creative Commons should be the way to go almost anywhere. I do maintain a Creative Commons badge on LHT.

I've always maintained that the best privacy one can expect for their ideas is not expressing them at all. If I repeatedly walked past a camera yelling "Take Down!" on a downtown Toronto street while they were shooting a TIFF interview with Megan Fox and then tried to charge them when I appeared without permission on the news that night, I can't imagine a network would comply.

What bothers me as well is the fact that many people at the econsultation site don't even use their real names. Who would be allowed to present to a government commission without proving they were a) Canadian and b) REAL? One of the few reasons, I could think, to hide your identity would be if you were being subsidized by a major production house to troll the forums and cry foul at everything.

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