thinglets: The Stolen Scream

A great example about why a Creative Commons approach to copyright is so functional and versatile with the web. In this 10 minute doc, you are introduced to the content creator of an archetypal set of photos that was repurposed all over the world. He enjoys seeing his work used for non-commercial uses, but balks at those trying to make money from them. A very tight example of the inevitability of mashups and the proper concern about control over intellectual property.

lovehate podcast 208: How The CMPDA Made My Day

photo courtesy Manu Mohan (via

Bereft of a topic for tonight's podcast, I happened upon a US-funded, Canadian copyright mercenary group at and was astounded by their suggested list for where Canadians could watch legal content online.

I laughed. I cried. I got fellow DyscultureD podcast mate Andrew Currie online to express shared vitriol over the presumption of such a group to claim they protect creativity and somehow enhance artistic risk-taking.

A long effort to be sure, but I hope you enjoy it.

Some Creative Commons songs courtesy Jamendo behind the discussion:

  • Trafic de Blues - Time to Funk
  • Dieter Werner - Axiom of Going By
  • Revolution Void - Invisible Walls
  • Fhernando - Sexed Up!
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra - Heroines

lovehate: ACTA Lobbyist's Creed

I believe all humans except content monetizers are lying, thieving, dirty pirates.

I believe the only true definition of art is that which I can make money from.

I believe anything that is new should be tightly restricted until I can find a way to gouge people for it.

I believe anyone who shares content for free is a pinko commie scumbag trying to screw me out of my job.

I believe anyone who makes a mixed CD for a friend is destroying our culture.

I believe anyone who downloads a movie through a Bit Torrent site hates everything good and decent.

I believe anyone who photocopies a book for the purposes of education is teaching our children to be criminals.

I believe anyone who shares one copyrighted song online costs the artist at least $25,000.

I believe that my accusatory tone is enough in summarily booting an entire family from internet access forever.

I believe governments should seize every iPod, iPhone, notebook and USB drive that crosses an international border.

I believe all rights to protections against personal and home search and seizure should be suspended to protect Mickey Mouse, Nickelback and Dan Brown.

I believe Major League Baseball does not hold intellectual property rights over the term "three strikes and you're out!"

I believe that children are our future... and that if I can get them to start paying 99 cents a song at age 5, I've got them hooked.

I believe that if an idea is good for everybody, I should be able to charge for it.

I believe that if I let my guard down, artists will discover they can probably make more money without me than with me.

I believe I have to keep spreading paranoid propaganda to keep artists afraid to cross me.

I believe that every "donation" in a politician's pocket is one more vote in mine.

I believe there will be a time when my views are seen as archaic and damaging to the world.

I believe I'll die before I'm willing to see that happen.