thinglets: The Stolen Scream

A great example about why a Creative Commons approach to copyright is so functional and versatile with the web. In this 10 minute doc, you are introduced to the content creator of an archetypal set of photos that was repurposed all over the world. He enjoys seeing his work used for non-commercial uses, but balks at those trying to make money from them. A very tight example of the inevitability of mashups and the proper concern about control over intellectual property.

thinglets: Tunnels Under Moscow

A really cool HDR picture series of some creepy looking tunnels under Moscow. The underground of major cities are etched with crazy labyrinths. The old Paris metro stations and some of the crazy stuff going on underneath Rome are legendary. These pics have some great lighting considering the environment and represent a setting best suited to a horror novel.

thinglets: Hyper-Realist Sculptor Ron Mueck

If you click the link under the picture, you'll see some AMAZING true to life sculptures by Ron Mueck. When looking at a photo of some of the these sculptures, you'll find it hard to believe it's not models posing for the shots. Some of the most incredible illusions come from the fact that, without scale you'd swear they were real, but placed in a gallery you can often see the size is nowhere near 1:1.

Some very cool stuff to enjoy.

thinglets: sort 10,044,701 Flickr images by palette

I'm sure some of you may have seen or used this site before, but Multicolr Search Lab (not a misspelling) is such a simple and cool use of the Flickr API, that I had to share it.

By clicking on a color swatch you see 50 matching Flickr pics. Great for building your own photomosaic. Even cooler is the fact that it modifies the link string so that you can bookmark your color combinations and come back to them later. With nine gradient shades of each color, the combinations a numerous.

Hope you dig messing around with this as much as I do.

Here's 40% Cyan, 60% Yellow and 80% Green: