thinglets: free association

Syncopated like a badger in a nut tree, rating ciphers under glass, siphon gas, cruising on the overpass 'til the exit said Murfreesboro and the cigarette lighter popped, dropped the needle on the record, stopped the sticking of my clock.

Scattered like melted cheese dripped askew across inspiral carpets fretting, twitched anticipation whetted by a languid frenzy. Call obtrusive, thought elusive, stolen freakout in the queue. Crazy, busted at the carpark, interrupted me and you. Muttering murder, wounded drifter stalked the cement Buick's tomb, incarcerated, demarcated, escalated crying, jerking, fired egg on the sidewalk.

This is your brain on rugs that stretch across the concrete tumblers locked and found a discrete holding pattern folding Saturn crumpled under Kenworth fenders: chrome and bone and grenadine blended. Scrambled fighter lone formation, lost asthmatic on vacation with a will to veneration catered to adoring nation.

Folded cynicism in a ball rolling down the skeptic's hall, tipped a vase and spilled a rose and from the petals vision froze upon the place where we first met, a carousel, a trapeze net, a cotton candy hurricane enduring cosmic weather vane. You fell asleep upon dawn's break with cupid's grin and repear's rake. Upon the bluff where makers mark the set up for the broken heart.


thinglets: fourteen minutes

Fourteen minutes typecast the frantic hack
Slack-jawed pushing out dimestore crap
For the masses displacing defacing the rhyme
A crime of abundance a vow of intolerance
Twelve rings high the noontime parade
Soft shoe charade of the Paris view
Eyes glistening trembling fearing the queue
Gladhanding demanding the how do you do's
Manacled beaten bereft of intent
Repel the flow go below the treeline
Under the radar subduing signs of destruction
Elimination lost within false elation
Walls undermine this palace of crime
Hold within
Hold within

Seven sought solace but Six evaded
Thought tricks were for kids rid his mind of doubt
Find the power to shout out injustice
Miracle patience veering from towers of hate
Grim told the number of fate and he followed
Three down to go to faces of fear
Traces a vision of insolent stasis
Two reconnects a lost point of view
Annointing the wrecked impassion renewed
One left a solitary headlight in shine
Till battery darkened the enemy mine